Kitchen: Smart Home Solution

Smart Home Interface With Augmented Realty of IOT Object Interior Design

How to define a Smart Home?

Smart Home can be defined as using sufficient funds, communication technology, control technology, data, and information technology in the home environment to improve the comfort, convenience, safety, and artistry of home life, improve residents' quality of life, and Realize energy-saving and environment-friendly living environment. Smart Home is designed to encourage residents to use resources more efficiently.

With the improvement of material living standards, people pay more and more attention to their environment, especially the family environment. People's continuous improvement of housing conditions provides opportunities to apply and popularize Smart Homes. Smart Home in modern society has increasingly become an important mode and way of life for home life. Compared with the standard home life mode, the Smart Home has an unparalleled life experience in traditional home life, mainly reflected in a safe, comfortable, and intelligent living environment. The home network establishes a connection with the external network, and the user can grasp all the conditions at home in real time or elsewhere. Provide automatic settings and control functions to control home appliances and equipment and provide a convenient, comfortable, and safe home environment for people's home life.



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Which Smart Home can be used in the kitchen?

Nowadays, smart products frequently appear in people's lives, and the convenience they bring to people is endless. As a field of energy replenishment, a kitchen is a place people pass through daily. Appropriate smart lighting fixtures can highlight the beauty of the kitchen! Effective smart safety products will escort you and make you fall in love with cooking! The Smart Home that will appear in the kitchen can be Smart Filament BulbSmart Downlight, Smart Striplight, Smart Celling Light, Smart Touch Switch, Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Smart Water Leakage Sensor.



Smart Products Introduction

-- 4 scenes with different lighting modes; you can DIY according to the environment.

-- Freely change color temperature, brightness, and contrast.

-- A glass lampshade makes the light transmission even and bright. The scientific irradiation angle makes the irradiation area larger.

-- The appearance is clean and straightforward, suitable for hanging vertically on the dining table.

-- Comply with CE/ROHS, make the lamp more energy-saving and brighter

-- Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home via WiFi to operate the device conveniently and fast.

-- App remote control, you can switch the smart LED downlight to a specific color temperature as needed.

-- Control the LED smart downlight with a simple conversation, freeing your hands.

-- Different color temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Low values produce a warm and comfortable light, while those with a high Kelvin value create a cooler and more energizing light.

-- If used for 3 hours a day, it can run for 10,000 days, equivalent to a service life of 27 years.

-- Equipped with a light plastic body, which is more secure. Built-in heat dissipation aluminum cup, excellent heat dissipation effect.

-- Economical cost and super performance have passed CE, CB, IC-4, SAA, and ROHS certifications.

 -- CCT+DIM not only can change the color temperature but also can change the brightness.

--Music mode, the light can change with the music.

-- Present four different lighting modes, multi-scene selection

-- Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to remotely control the device through home WIFI.

-- Snap-in installation, the two ends are locked together with buckles, which is convenient and quick.

-- Compliant with CE/ROHS and new ERP 2.0 standard, making the lights more energy efficient and brighter.

-- Warranty period two years.

-- IP 54Waterproof & IK08 Shock Resistant.

 -- Turn on the power and adjust the brightness or change the color to create the ambiance you need for a party or dinner night.

-- Multiple control options allow you to efficiently operate the smart LED strip light via the APP or remote control.

-- The light is bright and uniform without spots.

-- High efficiency, high color rendering index (RA>80).

-- Decorate your dining room, kitchen, or porch.

-- Provide optimal light intensity when cooking in the kitchen, App control, no touch required.

-- No need to go into the kitchen; say the command and enjoy the outstanding convenience of voice control.

-- Made of tempered glass, which makes the switch more modern, with enhanced hardness, preventing scratches and fire.

-- Timing and countdown function.

-- Soft LED indicator light, easy to turn on at night.

-- The touch performance is stable and durable, and the touch life is more than 100,000 times.

-- Can be used with other YOURLITE smart products.

-- When a water leak occurs, the sensor will emit a loud alarm and send a notification to your mobile phone, so you can stay informed when you are away from home.

-- emit a short beep and a flashing yellow LED light when the battery needs to be replaced.

-- Double sensing probes are more sensitive to detecting real-time kitchen water leakage.

-- easy installation.

--Certified by CE, ROHS, RED, FC.

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