Smart-CE1037 Top Quality Starry Sky Cover APP Control WIFI LED Ceiling Light China Manufacturer – Yourlite

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Wattage: 36W/60W
  • Lumen: 2160lm/3600lm
  • Ra: ≥80
  • PF: >0.9
  • Type: WiFi
  • LED chips: SMD2835
  • Life time: 25000h
  • Material: PMMA +Iron

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    Item No. Type Wattage Lumen Ra PF Size
    Smart-CE1037C-36W2-WFC WiFi 36W 2160lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø380*100mm
    Smart-CE1037C-60W2-WFC WiFi 60W 3600lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø480*105mm

    Product Details

    YOURLITE WIFI LED Ceiling Lights bring more convenience to your daily life. These WIFI LED Ceiling Lights provide soft white light, can be adjusted to mild colors, and can be adjusted to the desired brightness through the App or voice. It is a smart light that is truly suitable for your daily activities.

    Minimalist-APP-Control-WIFI-LED-Ceiling-Lights (5)

    Our WIFI LED Ceiling Lights can bring you a lot:

    Intelligent control: Use a smartphone to control anytime, anywhere, or connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice control. You can control it through a smartphone App to adjust the brightness and color temperature, and it also provides a timing mode.
    CCT+DIM: You can choose from a variety of vibrant cold white light to warm and soft warm white light, or directly choose from the preset modes to create the best atmosphere for your event. The WIFI LED Ceiling Lights have adjustable brightness and adjustable color temperature (from 3000K to 6500k).

    Preset comfort function: Use the preset function in the mobile app to enjoy the lighting mode that best suits your circadian rhythm throughout the day. When you need to wake up vitality and concentrate, the smart ceiling light will provide you with bright white light and a smooth transition to soft warm white light to help you relax and fall asleep peacefully.

    Nice Lampshade: Several good-looking choices of lampshades.

    Guarantee: 2 years.

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