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  • Voltage: 220V
  • Wattage: 36W/60W
  • Lumen: 2160lm/3600lm
  • Ra: ≥80
  • PF: >0.9
  • Type: WiFi
  • LED chips: SMD2835
  • Life time: 25000h
  • Material: PMMA +Iron

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    Item No. Type Wattage Lumen Ra PF Size
    Smart-CE2230C-36W2-WFC WiFi 36W 2160lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø400*90mm
    Smart-CE2230C-60W2-WFC WiFi 60W 3600lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø500*90mm

    Product Details

    Are you looking for a perfect Smart LED Ceiling Light? YOURLITE Smart Music LED Ceiling Light can be linked with smart devices, making automated life more comfortable. Go home and turn on the lights, no matter how late it is, it will be warmly waiting for your return. You can use Alexa or Google Home to turn on and off the Smart Music Led Ceiling Light by voice, and you can even voice control the brightness and color temperature, easily, just one sentence.

    Steplessly-Dimmable-Smart-Music-Led-Ceiling-Light (5)

    App Control: More intimate operations are in the mobile App. You can implement functions such as timing lights on, automating scenes, remote viewing status, turning lights on/off, and adjusting lights on the App. No longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights at home, you can view and operate anytime, anywhere.

    Brighter: Healthy LED light source, brighter. Using high-quality LED lamp beads, different from traditional lamp beads, the light is more uniform and soft, the light is brighter, the light loss is reduced, and the higher luminous flux is achieved.

    DIY scenes: Mix different colored light and white light modes to create an ideal lighting atmosphere for your daily life. Save it and call up this scene through the mobile app at any time.

    Voice Control: Use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the Smart LED Ceiling Light with voice and hands-free; very suitable for when your hands are full or when you enter a dark room. Just issue a voice command to release your hands, such as "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light.”

    Nice Lampshade: Several good-looking choices of lampshades.

    Guarantee: 2 years.

    Steplessly-Dimmable-Smart-Music-Led-Ceiling-Light (4)

    We can also provide CE, RoHS, Erp certificates to meet the needs of different markets. If you need other certificates, or have any other questions about this product, please feel free to contact us.
    OurSmart Music Led Ceiling Light is worthy of your trust!

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