Bathroom: lighting system boosts well-being and fights depression

The bathroom has long been considered a functional space designed for hygiene. However, studies have found that proper bathroom lighting can significantly impact the user's mental health and overall well-being. To enhance user well-being and fights depression, YOURLITE utilizes cutting-edge lighting technology to provide the right bathroom solution.

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Correct Smart Lighting Choice

Studies have shown that the right pair of lights can effectively regulate the user's mood and fight depression. Since people under natural light will increase the production of serotonin and reduce the production of melatonin to improve the user's perspective and sleep, YOURLITE simulates that excellent natural light is the key to enhancing the user's well-being.

Here are some bathroom ideas to help users design a bright, welcoming space.

Smart RGB Ceiling Light

The RGB Ceiling Light mimics natural light, emitting a warm, soothing glow, providing users with the perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate. An important aspect is the ability of Smart Ceiling Lights to replicate the different color temperatures of natural light throughout the day, helping to regulate the body's internal clock and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. By mimicking natural light, these advanced lighting systems boost users' energy during the day while supporting relaxation and sleep at night.

Smart Downlights

Dimming functionality is also another critical factor in improving user well-being. Users can adjust the intensity of Brilliant RGB Downlight through mobile phones, especially users who often stay in the dressing table area and need Embed Downlight to provide a quiet space.
The positive impact of new lighting technology is not limited to mental health. Healthy lighting can also have significant benefits for physical health. Specific lighting settings can stimulate the body to produce vitamin D, essential for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system. By installing UVB-emitting lighting fixtures in the bathroom space, people can assist the body's natural vitamin D synthesis while engaging in their daily grooming ritual.

Smartmesh Led Strip

The Magic Color Strip Light is an auxiliary light often designed for those who want to bathe in the bathroom for a long time. Remote Control Bluetooth Strip Lights RGB provides users with relaxation and enhanced sleep guidance, ensuring the bathroom becomes a sanctuary for self-care, peace, and rejuvenation.

Color temperature selection

The demand for color temperature in the bathroom is also professional; here, it has three areas: sink, shower, and storage.

1. Sink area

As the most functional area, the sink area should choose soft and bright neutral light so that you can enjoy all-around lighting effects during makeup and nursing. It is worth mentioning that installing a smart mirror in the sink area can simulate the makeup required by different lighting places. When users makeup in front of the light, which imitate the appearance of other elegant and natural makeup on various occasions. The light with a color temperature of 4000k-5000k and a color rendering index ≥ 85Ra can minimize the shadow of the face and illuminate the facial makeup more clearly.

2. Bathing area

The bathing area is the most crucial space in the entire bathroom. The creation of an atmosphere and soft light can make people relax better. Bathing areas can use warm colors, and the temperature of 3000k-3500k can protect the eyes and make people comfortable.

3. Storage area

Storage areas can set the color temperature at 2700-3000k, providing partial lighting, making it easy to take things, and creating a sense of atmosphere.


Taking a Bath Helps Fight Depression

The researchers said that regular afternoon showers soothe users and are a more mature mood booster than exercise.
Bathing raises the user's core body temperature, and warm baths help reinforce the user's circadian rhythms and the daily fluctuations in behavior and biochemistry that affect every organ, including the brain. Core body temperature typically rises during the day and falls at night. The drop in body temperature at night promotes the release of melatonin, which aids sleep. These behaviors can make the user's body temperature rhythm more stable and resist depression.
Taking a hot bath before bed can help sleep by dilating blood vessels in the skin, thereby allowing the body to expel excess heat, which is an excellent way to fight depression.

Add extra accessories: create a healing bathroom

Minimalist bathroom design helps create an ideal relaxing space with less distraction and clutter.

The user can add some extra important stuff:

1. A bathtub can be a relaxing place in the bathroom, enjoying the comfort of the steam and water temperature. Favorite essential oils are placed on the table next to the bathtub, and bath balls - releasing scents can enhance the sensory environment and promote sleep quality.

2. Smart UV Sterilizer Heated Towel Rack ensures the hygiene of bathroom supplies; sterilizing and drying towels is a must.

3. Wifi Water Immersion Sensor can solve the trouble of water leakage in the bathroom- monitor the bathroom's safety at all times, and the high-quality alarm can effectively protect the home.

4. Smart WiFi Touch Switch Panel can effectively control intelligent lights, and the high-quality touch screen is the best choice for minimalist decoration.

The impact of lighting on mental health will change bathroom design in the future. Architects now employ more oversized windows or intelligent lights to create natural light and reveal serene spaces.

A new approach to bathroom lighting is a step toward promoting mental health on a societal level. YOURLITE encourages interior designers to follow these emerging trends and incorporate personalized wellness lighting to create spaces that nurture the mind and soul.

YOURLITE, as a leading lighting company, has taken up the challenge to formulate the perfect bathroom lighting solution for users, turning the bathroom into a sanctuary of happiness. Through advanced lighting technology, YOURLITE works with designers to create calm spaces, relieve depression and promote overall well-being.

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