Pet room: Smart Home Devices for Pet Health 

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In the digital world, pet health has become a top concern for many homeowners. From innovative health monitoring platforms to wearable devices, pet owners want to be able to track and understand their pets' health in all aspects. Innovative pet technology tools allow pet owners to provide better assistance to their pet friends and ensure their safety and health.

Owners can now track their pets' health using a variety of wearable and non-wearable pet accessories. With artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain's Internet of Things (IoT) technology, various products have become more intelligent and flexible to help owners provide better care and protect pet health. Smart devices can monitor a pet's long-term health, analyze behavior, detect changes, and determine the impact of nutrition and exercise. This article will showcase some smart devices that monitor your pet's health.

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Why is it important to care about your pet's health?

Statistics show that pet spending will increase from $245 billion in 2021 to more than $261 billion in 2022, expected to rise by 2023. Now, more than 6 in 10 U.S. households own at least one pet, and pet healthcare is also a top market. People's love for their pets seems boundless, which means treating pet with the same care and luxury as you would a loved one. However, pet owners may not be able to detect in time that there are health problems with their pets. When pets are stressed, pet owners and veterinarians often don't even notice the severity of the symptoms. It's time to use smart devices to monitor your pet's health accurately.

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1. Smart Pet Health Tracker

The WIFI pet wearables tracker has expanded from location trackers to include solutions powered by IoT technology that help owners monitor their pets' health. The health tracker monitors your pet's temperature, breathing, pulse, heart rate, activity level, behavior, and location to provide a medical-grade assessment of your pet's health.
Pet health trackers can detect your pet's pain and help diagnose often-overlooked conditions like OA. In addition, there will be sleep assessment and testing to check the sleep quality of your pet at all times. The tracker has a built-in GPS that monitors your pet's walking and location history, helping to track lost pets.

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2. Motion Analysis Camera OEM

Smart Zigbee Camera monitors pets throughout the day and offers features far beyond traditional security cameras. Smart devices can track their pets' movements and sounds, allowing owners to see, hear, talk, and even play with their furry friends while on the go. Smart WIFI Camera connects to the mobile app to provide real-time two-way video, audio, night vision, and alarms, so you no longer have to worry about your pet's safety when you go out.

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3. Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

With the growing popularity of smart home technology and growing concerns about pet health and well-being, the demand for intelligent and automatic feeding solutions for pets continues to grow. The automated and intelligent pet feeders market is expected to reach USD 5.34 billion by 2032. This growth can be attributed to the increasing awareness of the importance of portion control.
Smart pet feeders can now identify individual pets, preventing overfeeding and food theft and ensuring each pet receives the correct nutrition as pet owners prioritize the safety and health of their companion animals. The intelligent pet feeder has video and voice interaction functions. The owner can talk to his companion pet every time he distributes food so that he will not feel lonely while eating.

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4. Zigbee Door Sensor

Zigbee Magnetic Sensor keeps pets safe in your home. The upgraded Best Smart Door Sensor can accurately identify the movement of pets and prevent pets from opening the door without being noticed. The sensors can be easily installed on doors or windows and synced with a central control panel or smartphone app. Since pets are curious and active, the sensor turns on pet mode to reduce the chance of harmless pet activity causing false alarms. The pet feature gives owners peace of mind, knowing their pets can roam freely without triggering unnecessary alarms.


5. Smart Home Dehumidifier

Pets, like humans, can be adversely affected by high humidity. Too much moisture in the air can cause discomfort, breathing problems, and even the growth of mold or bacteria. Smart home dehumidifiers provide solutions to effectively regulate humidity levels, creating a healthier environment for humans and pets.
Dehumidifiers can improve air quality and reduce odors, helping to capture and eliminate pet dander, allergens, and fragrances, thereby improving the overall air quality in your home. Home dehumidifier creates a healthy environment for pets and is especially important for people with allergies or respiratory conditions, providing a more beneficial living space for the entire family. Innovative dehumidifiers can be turned on or off remotely to control energy efficiency and save costs.

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6. Smart Sweeping Robot

If you have pets, you’ll need a vacuum to help clean up pet hair. The intelligent sweeping robot has rich brushes on both sides and has a wide cleaning range. It can easily capture pet hair, crumbs, and dirt. The robot vacuum has a built-in HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of dust and allergens, creating a clean environment for you and your pet.

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7. Smart Pet Trash

For cat owners, the Internet of Things is turning ordinary cat litter boxes into smart cat litter boxes, helping owners monitor their cats' health. Smart litter boxes can measure pet waste, elimination behavior, and weight through data analysis, letting owners know when their cats need care. Owners can use the data to promptly detect changes in their pet's health, such as urinary tract and constipation, which helps owners quickly provide the pet with the required treatment.


8. Premium Smart Lighting

WIFI Ceiling Light as the primary light source and Magic Color Strip Light as the auxiliary light source to provide pets with good sight lines. Owners can remotely control the brightness and color temperature of the room's light through their mobile phones without worrying about the product harming their pet's eyes.

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The pet tech market is constantly growing, and it's no surprise that it will be the future of the IoT industry.
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