Whole House Smart Decorative Solution - Let the Light Set the Mood for You!

Lighting is a vital aspect of the ambiance and overall mood of a room. Creative use of lighting can (and should) complement your decor. Selecting the right light can help you achieve the perfect balance between style, comfort, and practicality. While serving the basic purpose of illumination, smart lighting can provide extra emotional value. From living room to bedroom, there’s always room for human-centered RGB ambient lighting.


Discover the possibilities in our VR showroom - smart indoor lighting.

Company Highlights:
-- We focused on lighting since 1996
-- We have a wholly-owned BSCI certificated factory that passed THD,Lowe`s Supply Chain Audit
-- We have a professional Lab approved by CNSA, and never stop innovating and developing; now we have 120+ patents
-- We have our own die-casting factory, injection workshop and painting workshop, ready for ODM&OEM orders
-- We’re Tuya Crown Partner since 2019 and we have dust-free workshop for smart lights and devices
-- Our strong and mature supply chain ensures on-time shipping
-- We have a full range of products, are one-stop supplier of IOT products
-- We’re Top5 supplier of LED lights in Ningbo,China

Product Highlights:
-- Connect to your smart device through Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee and Matter Protocol
-- Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Voice Control and App Control Enabled
-- Schedule and timer can be set to adapt to your routine
-- Personalize your own lighting mode: color, brightness and patterns can be set according to your preferences and name it as you like
-- Vibe maker - RGB and CCT light setting options to create any atmosphere for relaxation, party and dates

What Smart Decorative Lights Do We Offer?


Flexible, multi-color and intelligent, smart strip lights are perfect for accent lighting and task lighting. They offer endless possibilities for the household. Every day is a different festival with the smart strip lights.
In the living room, the strip lights can be used to accent a piece of art or furniture. In the bedroom, they can be installed by the bedside to serve as your night light or be mounted on the wall in a DIY shape.
In addition to interior decoration, we also offer IP65 rating smart strip lights for outdoor installation. You can install it by the pool or make it a DIY neon billboard. It’s also a good option to install the car interior decorative RGB strip light to show your personality and enjoy the vibe.

Q: What Is Task Lighting And Why Is It Important In Interior Decor?
A: Task lighting is used to fulfill a purpose within your space. This could be to provide some light for your kitchen prep area, illuminate your cabinets/cupboards for easy access, or make important aspects of your house more obvious for a guest (lighting pathways, stairs). While far more practical than accent lighting, there are still ways to make your task lighting less task-y and more w-o-w. If it’s not painfully obvious these lights are serving a direct purpose, it will make a world of difference in blending these types seamlessly.

Smart Strip Lights can clearly do the job for your house.

When intensely playing video games or relaxing at the couch, you’ll definitely need the right lighting to make the vibe.
The Desktop RGB Ambient Lamps collection will set you up for an immersive gaming experience with all the gaming RGB dynamic lights.There are four scenes to meet your needs: classic, soft, dynamic disco.And it can also sync to music. Imagine playing video games with the lights changing colors and rhythm along with the gaming sound effect. How cool is that!
When it comes to desktop RGB Lights, we also have ones that
-- Have starry sky cover - Starry Sky Cover Ambient Lamp
-- You can flip to change color - Smart RGB Flip Lamp
-- Can be placed horizontally or vertically - Smart RGB LED Light Bar
-- Come with a remote control - Smart RGB LED Light Bar
And more models for you to discover and customize!


Other than giving you full immersion of gaming experience, the ambient lamps can also be set to white light for reading.
Having a corner standing RGB lamp by your side to give out warm glow is truly relaxing. With the music sync mode, they can also change the hue along with the music and sound. It’s always enjoyable to take a few time off under a warm light.

Smart-LR1321 TV RGB TV Backlight with Camera (5)
Smart-LR1321 TV RGB TV Backlight with Camera (4)

For those who love to watch movie at home, Smart TV backlight is a must. YOURLITE Smart TV Backlight with sensor can capture the color on the screen and turn itself into that specific color,giving the viewer the ultimate immersive movie watching experience. In addition to this, the TV Backlight has other advantages like:
-- Alleviates Eye Strain and Headaches
-- Minimizes Glare
-- Improves Visual Quality
-- Reduces TV Wear and Tear
-- Easy to Buy and Install

Now, you might be wondering what a monitor light bar is.
A monitor light bar is a piece of hardware with a specially designed clip that allows attachment to monitors. It's an excellent way to enhance ergonomic lighting conditions, saving valuable space on your desk. The monitor light bar's asymmetrical optical design also eliminates reflective glare off the screen, only illuminating the desk.
Bias lighting created by backlight is a simple, effective, and affordable solution to headaches, dry eyes, and eye strain caused by viewing bright screens in dark rooms. With a little installation work, even the longest binge-watching marathon can be turned into a completely comfortable, high-quality viewing experience for yourself and your family.


When it comes to decorative lighting, string lights can not be neglected.Compared to traditional string lights, what are the advantages of smart string lights?
YOURLITE Smart String Lights can be much more playful and practical than conventional string lights:
-- Multiple Flash Mode & Memory Function & Music Sync Function
-- Smart Control by Voice & App
-- Schedule and Timer can be set to fit any scenario
-- Individual Bulb Control
-- IP Grades from IP20 to IP65 are available
-- CE, RoHS, Erp certificates are available for different market
-- Customization is always welcome
We recommend to you our latest model of smart string lights - extendable RGBIC Smart String Lights. Apart from the basic smart control function, it’s designed with an end-to-end connectivity. You can use one single string light or connect up to 4 string light sets. And if one individual bulb is broken, the other bulbs won’t be affected. Moreover, different from most string lights on the market that have an integrated injection molded light head, for this newly developed smart string lights, we apply two sets of grinding tools, so that the hook and the lamp head can be rotated 360°, and also the lights are also designed with a notch to facilitate customer installation.



Outdoor Fairy String Lights - They are perfect for creating a magical atmosphere in your own backyard. Even if they were first used to decorate bedrooms, these string lights have now become a popular outdoor lighting option. It’s the fact that they create an optical illusion as if there were hundreds of fireflies all gathered in one spot. Because of that, a lot of people choose to pair their fairy hanging lights with trees or bushes in order to create something that’s really worth looking at.

RGB-CCT-Decorative-Smart-String-Lights-Outdoor (3)

Outdoor Colorful String Lights - Colored string lights are probably the ones that you are most familiar with. Many of you have been using them to decorate the Christmas tree for decades, which is why when you see colored hanging lights, you will often associate them with the spirit of Christmas. The beauty of colored string lights is that you can opt for all of them to have the same color, or you can mix and match different colors in order to achieve the atmosphere that you want. Even if they are considered to be an intimate decorative item, colored string lights can also be very joyful, creating a playful ambiance whatever they’re set up.

RGB-and-CCT-Smart-LED-Outdoor-String-Lights (2)

Outdoor Individual Control String Lights - These LED lights are a great addition to any garden or backyard, specifically because of their romantic and dreamy charm. They beautifully create a welcoming atmosphere when hung from a ceiling or roped around a dining or seating area. If in case, you don’t have anything to attach these lights around your seating or dining area, you can get lighting poles to suspend them from and give a luminous effect instantly. The biggest advantage that you can get by investing in these particular lights is the facility to connect at least 20 strands of them together for an intense lighting effect. Considering their excellent quality and affordable price, it won’t be wrong to regard them as a wise investment.

Talking about smart decorative lighting, I believe that our professional sales team has more to suggest. If you’re impressed by any of our products, please kindly contact our sales team for any relatable info.

YOURLITE has more over 26 years of experience in lighting and cross-border trading industry. We aim to offer our clients products of high quality at a lower cost, as well as impeccable services. Looking forward to establish a win-win partnership with you!